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Aruna Records offers you a professional & affordable online record keeping service. Your records are secure and you can export them as a PDF to download and keep or provide to buyers as a record of safe keeping.

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Register with us to start your professional record keeping. Introductory offer of only £5 per year! Plus we have a 2 month FREE trial period!


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Our record system will mean you can manage all of your animal records in one easy place. For as little as £5 per year you can maintain professional record keeping.



Export your records in PDF format to send along with your animal if you are a breeder to show that your animals have been well looked after.



What Our Clients Say

What a fantastic website this is. I have been using this for a couple of months now and is very easy to use. Will be recommending to others.

Jan Smith
Shop Owner

I love how I can export my records because being a breeder they are very handy to send onto buyers so they can see how well kept my animals are. Plus, it's also very informative and simple to use.

Robert Ham
Spider Breeder

For just £5 a year I thought what do I have to lose, the answer is nothing. A clever idea and easy to use record keeping system.

I like how often it is updated with regards to new content too.

Reptile Keeper